P.E. Waiver

About the Waiver:

The P.E waiver is a great way to get a PE credit without being stuck in a PE or dance class that you don't really want to participate in. This also means that you will have one more elective than everyone else here at the school which opens up tons of new opportunities in high school. A lot of our sailors are doing the PE Waiver and are very happy with their choice. The only catch is that there are only a few requirements to get the waiver.

How to get the Waiver:


  • the PE Waiver requires you to do an average of 5 hours a week of a sport on average for every week that you are at school.
  • Sailing Practices are 2.5 hours each and twice a day which means that you have to show up every practice UNLESS you show up to some of our regattas (sailboat races). This will be a little different because of COVID-19, but we will make sure that your student is able to complete the hours required to get credit for this waiver.
  • Our regattas are 1 or 2 days on the weekend, we either have them at our home yacht club or across the state in Dallas or Houston. We are soon looking to go nationwide. We provide all the transportation and travel logistics. Sailing Regattas will get you tons of hours towards your weekly average which will make you be able to miss some practices. To learn more about how regattas work email jeffbrock@me.com your questions.


  • there is a form that is attached here that needs to be filled out, sent to Coach Spencer LeGrande to sign off on, and then given to the LTHS Counseling Office.
  • an example how to fill it out can be found here.

Other Technicalities:

  • the PE Waiver deadline has been extended; they must be turned into the counseling office by August 10th, please expect at least 2 days for our coach to sign off.


If you have any other questions about the PE Waiver, click the button below to view the LTHS PE Waiver information packet. Note, you will be a category II.

Information Packet
School Website Link