Trust Your Gut

A True Story

Once upon a time on Lake Travis, there was a sailor that has been a sailor for around 4 years. He was thought to be very wise. He was not. One day during a race, this unnamed sailor was with a fantastic intermediate who had won the first race. Now, the intermediate sailor mistakenly trusted the more experience “wise” sailor. This was her first mistake. The “experienced and wise” sailor commanded her to go to the other side of the race course in non-windy weather. Now, the intermediate sailor thought to herself this was a bad idea since they were already in first place. But once again the “wise and experienced” sailor commanded her to go to the other side. So she did. When they got over to the other side the cocky sailor was very proud of himself, but not for long. As the 2 sailors sat in their boat not moving. They watched bitterly as the other boats flew past them. The pair got last. Now if the intermediate sailor had just trusted her gut this would not have happened. So kids, always trust your gut and never trust Julius.

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